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Thai Herbal Massage....Luk Pra-Kob

In some parts of Thailand, herbal massage is a traditional part of Nuad Bo-Rarn.

Local medicinal herbs are wrapped in a cotton cloth, tied into a bundle, moistened with steam, and applied over the client's clothing. They are wonderful used during a traditional thai massage, or as an added bonus with a 'regular' massage, being placed on specific parts of the body that need special attention.

ITM uses a powerful combination of over 20 herbs and flowers that are sent to us directly from Thailand, with local herbs added as the seasons allow. Some of the herbs and flowers include lemongrass, eucalyptus, ginger, tumeric, camphor, lavender, and sage.

The warm herbal packs induce deep states of relaxation and enhance the therapeutic benefits of any massage. The healing aromas fill the room to benefit both the giver and receiver! Clients immediately relax into the soothing aromas and warm compresses. The warmed tissue is more receptive to your massage, allowing deeper benefits.

We've created this unique blend and waited to introduce the herbal packs until we found the best combination.  Each herbal pack is hand-made. The packs are available in sets of three for $39.95.

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